Sedation & Sleep Dentistry

Are you nervous during dental visits? Our professional dental team appreciates the concerns of our anxious patients and are very attentive to our guests’ personal needs. Our staff works gently and patiently, taking the time and care to provide comfortable results. In addition, Dr. Kellee N. Kattleman Stanton provides Eagan sedation dentistry services allowing patients the gentle help they need to leave anxiety behind.

Our office offers two levels of Eagan sedation dentistry: nitrous oxide sedation and oral medication

Nitrous Oxide
Commonly called laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a colorless gas that guests breathe during a dental treatment. It offers a mild sedation that most of our guests feel is sufficient to ease their anxiety. Nitrous oxide has been safely used for dental sedation for many years. It is an acceptable option for adults and children alike.

Oral Medication
If you are fearful of an upcoming appointment, George Dental Group can prescribe an oral medication to help you relax for your treatment. Be sure to a call our office in advance of your appointment to discuss this sedation option. This option can be used on conjunction with nitrous oxide to keep you comfortable throughout your treatment.

Contact our Eagan MN Dentist Office about Sedation and Sleep Dentistry

We’ve designed our dental office to make your time with us as relaxed and comfortable as possible. In addition to Eagan dental sedation, our office offers several cozy and dental spa amenities including blankets, comfortable massage chairs, coffee, water, headphones and tv’s. From our dental office conveniently located in Eagan MN, only minutes from St. Paul and Minneapolis, sedation and sleep dentistry are available to the entire Twin Cities metro area. Call us today at 651-287-3729 to schedule your appointment.