Exams & Teeth Cleaning

While you may dread that trip to the dentist, the benefits to your teeth, mouth and overall health greatly outweigh the fears of sitting in that dentist chair.

Why should I have a routine dental cleaning or individual exam?

For one, many dental insurance plans provide you with up to two free cleanings a year.  If you’re paying a monthly premium take advantage of this checkup opportunity.  Oral hygiene is important for many other reasons.  A trip to the dentist is like a trip to your doctor for a physical; the dentist can learn about your overall health by what’s going on in your mouth and with your teeth.

They can check to see if you are:

Dentists can also find out much more about your overall health – such as:

  • If you are at risk for oral cancer
  • At risk for heart disease
  • At risk for stroke
  • At risk for bone loss.

A routine dental cleaning or individual dental exam can detect problems early and help you maintain good oral and physical health.

Benefits of a routine dental cleaning and individual exam

An individual exam can not only whiten those teeth and improve that smile, it can help you consult with your dental professional about any problem of pain points and most of all, it can give you that health and well-being checkup we all need.  There’s no reason to fear the dentist – technology, tools and equipment have advanced and the routine dental cleanings and individual exams are generally pain and hassle free.

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