Dr. Kellee Stanton was recently interviewed for Viewpoints about the Sonicare tooth-brush.

Your Eagan Dentistwas quoted saying, “Sometimes regular spin brushes don’t have soft enough bristles, which can be hard on your gums and aggressive on your teeth…with the sonic technology you actually use very light pressure.”

The article continues with quotes from other dentists endorsing the product. A popular feature among dentists was the timer; stating, “Dentists recommend brushing your teeth for two minutes, but most people aren’t aware how long that actually is when they’re brushing…most people don’t brush long enough, and the Sonicare ‘forces you to brush longer.’”

If you opt for the Sonicare R910, you will find the sanitizer to be a very nice touch. Regular toothbrushes gather bacteria quickly which is reintroduced into your body each time you brush. With the sanitizer you eliminate most of the bacteria and ensure a cleaner, healthier brushing experience.

The bottom line

While more expensive than traditional tooth brushes, the sonicare proves a wise investment with a long lifespan and cleaner, whiter, healthier teeth and gums.