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Make a Resolution You Can Keep – Enjoy the New Year with a Beautiful New Smile

A warm smile is the greatest gift you can give to anyone. In fact, research conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) has found that your smile can be your most appealing feature regardless of your age. The AACD research shows that a beautiful smile can make you more attractive, appear more intelligent and wealthy and look more successful. A large majority (96%) of adults believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing to members of the opposite sex. A beautiful, white smile makes you more attractive and appear more intelligent, interesting, and wealthy to others. Three-quarters (74%) of adults feel an unattractive smile can hurt a person’s chances for career success. A healthy smile exudes success because people who smile are seen as confidant. Many of us would love nothing more than to greet everyone we meet with a delightfully genuine smile but hesitate to show our teeth because they are imperfect. Here are a few tips on how you can greet 2015 with a confident smile. Superfoods Improve your physical and oral health by keeping teeth strong, white and healthy the natural way by eating superfoods. When planning meals, incorporate nourishing superfoods such as green tea, berries and kale. To learn more about how superfoods can help improve your smile, read our article 10 Little Known Superfoods Shockingly Good for Your Smile. Making smoothies is a quick, delicious way to consume superfoods that are packed with antioxidants, fiber and calcium. Watch the video of George Dental Group founder, Dr. Kellee N. Kattleman Stanton making a Kaleberry Smoothie from the AACD Recipes for Healthy Smiles e-booklet. Porcelain Veneers Porcelain veneers conceal teeth imperfections without surgery or extensive dental treatments. Thin, almost

7 Tips for a Sparkling Smile this Holiday Season

With winter comes glistening snow and festive lights that illuminate the neighborhood. Why not have teeth that match? Impress your friends and family at the dinner table and enter the new year with a pearly sense of confidence. Here are seven of our favorite tips to turn up the luminosity on your smile for the holidays. 1. Stay Hydrated Avoiding red wine is the best thing to do, but of course it can be difficult. Drinking water is as important as ever during the holidays. It may be even more important during this time of year because of all of the salty, oily and rich foods consumed. By staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water, you can make sure that you replenish saliva, subsequently protecting your teeth from unsightly stains. Better yet, drink seltzer or carbonated water. Not only will this help you to rehydrate but the light carbonation will also help to scrub away the wine before it can stain your teeth. If you can’t avoid the red wine, then alternate glasses with plenty of water. 2. Fortify Your Teeth With Fiber and Calcium Rich Foods This is one of the best ways to make sure you have great teeth all year long. Calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin C are all great for your teeth, and so is fiber. Foods that are high in fiber such as dark leafy greens, celery, apples, and other vegetables and fruits are an excellent option because they help scrub away stains before they are able to set. Cheeses and other calcium-rich foods are also smart options. Hard cheeses are good choices because they act as a polish and fill in some of the spaces that might have otherwise

Dr. Kellee N. Kattleman Stanton Featured in the Oct./Nov. Issue of the Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazine

Tricks for Your Treats at Halloween

Halloween is a fun time of year for kids, but it is the scariest holiday for dentists. It's not because of the skeletons, spiders, and ghouls, though. Instead, it is because of the candy that children eat and the damage sugar can do to their teeth! Consumption of sweet foods, like candy, is definitely linked to poor dental health. Here is a quick science lesson that you can share with your children: The bacteria that form plaque on teeth eat sugar, which can come from candy or any other type of sweet or starchy food. These bacteria also produce acid that eats away at enamel. Over time, the enamel can get weak spots that lead to tooth decay. As a parent, you want to understand the effect of candy on dental health and to train your children in wise habits. You don't have to ban candy from your house or forbid your children from eating it. However, you should set basic guidelines and help your children take care of their teeth. These tips  can help protect your children's teeth while they enjoy candy in moderation.

What Does Your Smile Say About You?

Your smile is one of the first things people notice when you walk into a room. Smiles can make you look younger, more attractive, intelligent, warm, and confidant. Research shows that people may even think you’re more successful – and make more money –when you flash your pearly whites. According to research by the AACD, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, your smile can be your most attractive feature – regardless of your age. Research proves the benefits of an attractive smile Consumer research studies on behalf of the AACD have proven the numerous benefits of a having a beautiful smile1: Be more attractive. 96% of adults believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing to members of the opposite sex Appear more intelligent & wealthy. A beautiful, white smile makes you more attractive and appear more intelligent, interesting, and wealthy to others. Appear more successful. Three-quarters (74%) of adults feel an unattractive smile can hurt a person's chances for career success. A healthy smile exudes success because people who smile are seen as confidant.   What does your smile say about you? If you have a perfect and bright white smile, you’re fortunate. Not all smiles are perfect naturally. Plus, over time teeth sometimes shift or become cracked or chipped. Your diet and lifestyle can also change the way your teeth look and feel. Teeth can become misaligned, discolored, and damaged through natural wear and tear. Do you think your smile could be enhanced? You’re not alone. According to an AACD survey, the most common response for wanting to improve a smile was a desire for whiter and brighter teeth. A staggering seventy-five percent of adults feel they have an unattractive smile. So,

Worried About Concussions? 29 Sports Where a Custom Mouthguard is Essential

Do you know that up to 39 percent of dental injuries occur while kids are playing sports – and of those injuries, 80 percent involve damage to one or both teeth? 1 No parent wants that to happen to his or her child. In order to prevent dental injuries, well-fitted, custom-made mouthguards are essential for most sports – especially those that are high contact. However, with any sport where there is any risk of a sudden jarring movement to the face or jaw, you should consider the use of a mouthguard. Many professional and non-professional athletes use custom mouthguards in sports even where it is not required. If you participate in any of the following activities, the American Dental Association (ADA)2 and the Academy for Sports Dentistry3 recommend that you wear a properly fitted mouthguard: Continue reading “Worried About Concussions? 29 Sports Where a Custom Mouthguard is Essential” »

What’s In Season? Fruits and Vegetables to Give Your Smile A Boost!

by Dr. Kellee Stanton Proper diet and nutrition play a key role in tooth development, gum tissue integrity, and the prevention of cavities and diseases in the mouth. However, modern diets that consist of heavy amounts of carbohydrates work against healthy teeth and gums. Simple carbohydrates such as crackers, cookies and snacks quickly break down into bacteria-laden, cavity-causing substances. Yuck! For better oral health, replace some of the simple carbohydrates in your diet with foods that provide vital nutrients, inhibit cavity formation, or do not contribute to tooth decay. These diet choices, also known as cariostatic foods, include most vegetables, eggs, fish, meat, poultry, and sugarless gum. In the summer, fruits and vegetables are particularly in abundance. In Minnesota we sometimes have a late harvest, but it’s worth the wait! Around this time of year, you’ll find plenty of fresh produce at your local farmers market: FRUITS June/July/August Apples Blueberries / Blackberries Cantaloupe Grapes Honeydew Raspberries Strawberries! Watermelon FRUITS Sept/Oct/Nov Apples Cantaloupe Grapes Honeydew Plums Raspberries Watermelon VEGETABLES June/July/August Broccoli Collard greens Green beans Lettuce Kale* Mesclun Spinach Winter squash VEGETABLES Sept/Oct/Nov Arugula Bok Choy Broccoli Bean sprouts Collard greens Pumpkin Sweet Potatoes With your fresh produce try this delicious and healthy recipe: KALEBERRY ‘SMILE BOOSTER’ SMOOTHIE* (“Recipes for a Healthier Smile”, pp. 8-9) Kale has cariostatic, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients, vitamins, and cancer-preventive nutrients (glucosinolates). Kale, or chard, is high in minerals that support tooth structure. Ingredients 8 oz brewed green tea (plain, chilled) 4 ice cubes ½ cup frozen blueberries ½ cup frozen strawberries 1 banana 4 kale leaves ¼ cup Greek yogurt 1 teaspoon xylitol (available in health food stores, or online) Directions: Brew green tea and chill.

How to Take Your Smile from Dull to Dazzling This Summer

By Dr. Kellee Stanton Does your smile dazzle like it used to? Summer gatherings for weddings, graduations, and barbecues call for cameras to be on the ready. Is your smile up the challenge? Age, nutrition and lifestyle can take a toll on your teeth, sometimes making folks transform their smile from a wide grin to tightly-closed lips. Yet, improving your own smile can be as easy as avoiding certain drinks, eating a few healthy snacks and calling in the pros when needed. Dr. Kellee N. Kattleman Stanton offers these tips to put the twinkle in your teeth this summer. Continue reading “How to Take Your Smile from Dull to Dazzling This Summer” »

Spring Break, Spring Cleaning: Achieve Your Brightest Smile Yet!

Winter is on its way out, and many of us are looking forward to spring. And, since spring is on its way, many people are beginning to make preparations to look and feel their best. That means cleaning out the junk that has accumulated over the past year, hitting the gym, making appointments at the salon, and more – but what about your smile? Dental Health for the Spring Season Visiting the dentist is one of the most neglected parts of your overall health, but it shouldn’t be that way! Visiting the dentist can make you feel good and healthy.  Dentists want to help your smile look it’s very best, from regular cleaning and polishing, to checking for tooth decay. Of course, there are other ways to care for your smile. Spring cleaning may mean that it’s time to visit the dentist for cosmetic dental procedures to help your smile be the best it can be, not just for spring and summer trips, but for the months that follow too. An Attractive Smile – Not Just for Looks There are a number of ways that possessing an attractive smile can actually help your overall health. This is because people who have attractive smiles feel better, more intelligent, and more successful. Appearances can do a lot to boost self-esteem for adults and teens alike, and the healthier and better looking your teeth are, the more likely you are to smile in the first place. Cosmetic Procedures to Enhance Your Smile There are a number of different procedures that can help your smile shine. One such procedure is simple teeth whitening. This can be done with simple office procedures at the dentist. When you go in for

4 Tips Every Parent Should Know About Kids Dental Health

The American Dental Association, or ADA, has designated February as National Children’s Dental Health Month so that kids and families can learn more about why oral health is important. Read on for important tips to keep your family’s teeth sparkling clean and healthy! Develop Healthy Brushing Habits Early→ Dental health should begin before your child’s first teeth appear. The best way to get into the habit early on is to clean your baby’s gums twice daily using a soft cloth or a baby toothbrush.  Once your baby begins to get teeth brush them with a soft baby toothbrush and water.  This will remove plaque that will accumulate on the teeth.  A baby’s first birthday is the best time to schedule their first dentist appointment. Help Your Kids Learn to Brush Their Teeth Properly→ By developing these habits before kids learn to brush their teeth themselves, the importance of good dental health will already be ingrained in their day-to-day habits. You should teach your kids that brushing at least twice a day, with two minutes for each brushing, will help keep their mouths healthy (2 x 2 = Health Teeth). Don’t forget to floss too! Studies have shown that flossing is even more effective than brushing, so your kids should be sure to floss once a day as well. Also, be sure to brush the tongue, which can harbor naughty bacteria. There are a few things that are worth nitpicking about when it comes to your children’s oral hygiene. For example, make sure that you monitor kids’ brushing habits, and until they are around 9-10 years old an adult should brush for them. As kids get older, you still need to monitor the efficacy of their